WSGNA Certification or Recertification Scholarship Application

WSGNA Certification or Recertification Scholarship Application

~ Deadline for application is September 1st annually (in the year you are certifying or recertifying).

~ WSGNA Scholarships have been established to financially assist WSGNA members to advance in their profession.

~ Recipients will be notified by September 15th as outlined in the scholarship policy and procedure.

~ The number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship granted will be determined by the Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee in January of each year.

Selection criteria:
1. A member of WSGNA for one year or more as of January 1st of the year you are seeking the scholarship. Member date is SGNA website Regional Membership roster date.
2. Currently working in the field of GI.

(Please Note: A recipient of National SGNA Annual Course Scholarship will NOT be eligible for any other scholarship in the year in which this scholarship was received.)***

The monies for the scholarship will be reimbursed upon the submission of a copy of your certificate from ABCGN indicating you have successfully passed the certification exam and/or successfully completed the necessary requirements for recertification by ABCGN. Along with this include a brief synopsis of your experience related to how obtaining or maintaining your certification in GI has or will enhanced your professional career. This is due December 1st annually and will be published in the newsletter.
Contact any board member if you have questions.